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If there's one thing that stops me dead in my tracks when I'm writing it's the fear that I don't have the right words. The right words for what? Well, that depends on what I'm trying to say. What it tends to come down to is connection. I'm worried I won't connect with the people who come across the blog or that I won't get my message across well enough to potential clients.

This often leaves me in a bit of a bind. When I started blogging it wasn't about communicating a specific message or trying to connect with certain people (although back then it was a shambles to be fair). The fact that you're here reading this was a good enough sign for me that, at least for the next few minutes, you were meant to be here. But maybe this isn't the blog you're looking for?

I worry that by taking the blog in the direction I want to it will become less of what people might be looking for. I worry I'll put people off by exploring some of the topics I want to explore, or by putting my own opinions out there more fully. Even this is proving a little difficult to write. It's been a while since I wrote something purely personal or reflective.

Primarily it's the notion of alientating potential clients that puts me off exploring these new avenues. For a while I've approached my blog in a narrow marketing sense: write about what potential clients might like to hear, give value to your readers (and digitally track them on Facebook so you can retarget ads to them later - oops, did I say that?).

One problem with that is that I don't want the blog to only be a marketing tool. I started writing simply to put my ideas out there and connect with people like yourself who might be interested - so I think I need to get back to doing a little more of that. If George Lucas had known how many people would hate Jar Jar Binks (or the entire prequel trilogy for that matter) would he have had the gall to continue the Star Wars saga? I hope so, because Darth Maul was my hero growing up.

I need - and want - to get back to blogging about the things I care about and that interest me beyond the scope of what I can help clients with. It's not that those are things I don't care about - in fact quite the opposite - but without putting the fuller picture across I can't help but feel I'm just playing it safe in case I dilute my message. Maybe I shouldn't be so critical; it's not like I'm going to start doing reaction videos to cats stepping over intricately placed Dominoes (well, unless I get desperate for views) but I worry just the same.

I work with people across a spectrum of life-coaching and digital consulting, so it makes sense to bring up topics like goal-setting and mindset blocks, or social media strategy and brand development. Those are things I can help people with and the blog posts themselves are always designed to be educational at least. There's a logical process there. Client has issue, client reads my blog, client finds solution or maybe inquires about working with me. It adds up, and it works.

Maybe this feels a little cold or calculated to some. I know a lot of people have an instinctual gag-reflex when it comes to sales or marketing, but that's another conversation. The point is that the blog has become a useful way for me to connect with people who might need my services. Yet I still want it to be more than that and to have the confidence to put writing out there that maybe makes less immediate 'sense' but hopefully over time gives people a fuller picture of what Reality Hack is all about.

I want it to be a space to connect over ideas and to explore new ground. I want to use it to share the discoveries and new technology I read about. I want to explore the idea of personal development beyond just the individual, but how we can collectively make a shift towards a better way of being. These aren't things I can 'help' with, not in the same way I can help somebody redefine their life goals or rebrand their website... but maybe just putting these ideas out there would be doing something?

Maybe it would be starting new and worthwhile conversations. It might open people's minds to the potential of the world we're moving in to or ignite someone's interest in a field they never knew existed. Optimistic, sure, but possible? Absolutely.

If nothing more it will give you as my reader a better sense of what I'm all about, and the context that I see Reality Hack functioning in going forward. I care about people's personal development, and provide coaching for that reason; I'm passionate about internet businesses, branding, marketing, and provide services along those lines; but the reason I care about these things is I see the role they play in a bigger picture. I want to help people change the world. If this was about anything less to me I'd apply my skills elsewhere, but I truly believe I have a shot at contributing towards a new vision for how we can collectively move forward. That is what Reality Hack is all about. That's what I am all about, and I want to start embracing it a little more.

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