Reality Hack™ 2019

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Life-Design Coaching: Fine-Tune Your Vision

One-to-one coaching to help you develop your Life Vision and the mindset to achieve it.

I started Reality Hack because I know it's possible to live a life that breaks convention and goes beyond the norm; a life that is yours to design. 

By questioning the expectations we feel others have of us and the limits we impose on ourselves it's possible to align with a new style-of-life.

Deepening our self-awareness and refining the vision we have for our future allows us to step more fully in to our own reality. 

I'm Jason, the creator of Reality Hack. The coaching I offer creates the space and supportive framework to allow you to dive in to that unknown potential of transformative change.


Whatever your lifestyle, creative or business aspirations, what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world is the very thing that shapes that reality.

What if you could learn to overcome those limiting beliefs, challenge the behaviours and break down the barriers to you living in alignment with your dream lifestyle?

What if you had a strategy and the support to guide you through the transition in to this new way of being?


That is what I want for you - for every person who dares to go beyond the norm.

We will co-create a system you can follow to break down even the grandest vision of your life in to a reality you can step in to day-by-day.

Maybe you know what you want from life, and what you want to be doing - but how do you do it?


Where do you start?


What is that first step, and why is it so difficult to take?

How can you embrace such a huge ambition without becoming lost and overwhelmed?

Time and again I've found that the same core strategy has allowed me to reach new levels of insight and action in my own life:

  • Creating the space to ask myself the big (and often difficult) questions

  • Being creative and intentional in how I respond

  • Developing a strategic and flexible strategy to get to the next level