You're ready to take your business idea to the next level...


...or could there be another way?


Those moments of clarity and motivation are precious, aren't they?

Those this is it! Eureka! TODAY IS THE DAY! kinda moments...


Only, where do you go when you hit up against the next roadblock, or have another day where you don't even want to open your laptop, well, except to order pizza...


Maybe you're driving yourself just a little mad, running in the same circles over and over wondering why you aren't getting anywhere?!



My name's Jason. I'm a blogger with a BSc in psychology, who knows what it feels like to be driven crazy by your ideas. To feel overwhelmed by your ambition. To feel a little bit lost in your head, y'know?

The thing was, I realised pretty early on I didn't just want to be a blogger. My passion was writing and this was a means of doing more of that, but there was a bigger picture. I saw this was my doorway in to a world I previously hadn't thought was open to me: running, even owning, a business. My business. It seemed a little crazy.

Since deciding one day to start exploring the world of online business (it really was that out of the blue...) I've learned the ropes of digital marketing, of web design, and sales, and SEO, and landing pages, and funnels, and... you get the idea. There's a lot of shit going on behind the scenes of being a blogger.

Adjusting to this new idea - this new mindset - was a lot of work. Any time you decide to make a big shift in your life you're brought face-to-face with all the beliefs and biases that are preventing you from having a different outlook in the first place. A lot of people back down and tell themselves oh I'm just me, who am I to pursue my dreams?


I knew that where there was a will there was a Youtube video, or a blog post, or a friend who had the answer or motivation I needed. Soon I started working with my first mentors and coaches, and enrolling in online courses to brush up on the skills I needed.

I've been close to quitting (I have quit on some ideas - you gotta know when enough is enough) and I've had some serious downs on this journey. That's one of the reasons I'm determined to help aspiring entrepreneurial types like yourself battle those demons (and tech issues) that would otherwise keep you up at night.

So let me ask, would you like:

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